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Bankruptcy Attorney: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

There is no stigma to filing bankruptcy. Don’t let uncontrolled debt ruin your life. Many People have filed bankruptcy before you. Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump, Henry Ford, and Mark Twain all filed bankruptcy, just to name a few. I want to help you if you choose to file Bankruptcy. I will hold your hand and explain everything to you through the entire process. I will be available any time of day to answer questions and provide support. I understand the terrible feeling of having to file bankruptcy and the stress that surrounds the decision. My understanding of the bankruptcy process ensures your bankruptcy is handled properly and quickly. I don’t want to prolong your stress and so I want to quickly get you started fresh.
By filing a bankruptcy, you can regain control of your life. I will make every effort to personally facilitate a smooth and easy transition for you to start over fresh.

Bankruptcy Consultations

I provide consultations on all bankruptcy matters.

There are dozens of reasons to file bankruptcy. Most of my clients file because of medical bills and business debts. Bankruptcy might be an option for you, but I will not know until I meet with you. I’ve advised several individuals against filing because it wasn’t in their best interest. A consultation allows you to get a complete understanding of the process. The consultation may help you in deciding whether this is the best option for you.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a federal court process for people who cannot pay their bills. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give individuals a “fresh start” by giving them relief from their debts. The right to file bankruptcy is protected by statute. As soon as you file a petition for bankruptcy, creditors are legally required to cease all debt-collection activities, including lawsuits.

Why File Bankruptcy?

One of the many advantages of filing for bankruptcy includes an “automatic stay.” This “automatic stay” stops all creditors from collecting a debt or taking legal action against you. Filing bankruptcy may:
Eliminate most unsecured debt, like credit cards;
Stop a foreclosure;
Stop lawsuits;
Stop wage garnishments;
Stop harassing phone calls; and,
Stop even repossessions.

How Do I Choose? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

There are two main consumer bankruptcies: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. These Chapters allow the debtor to either enter a repayment plan or liquidate the debtor’s assets to pay debts. Repayment plans let the debtor reorganize their debts, reduce their monthly payments, and to stretch the debts over a period of three to five years. Liquidation is the process of selling the debtor’s assets and using those proceeds to pay the debts. Choosing the “Chapter” most applicable to your situation is absolutely critical. I am here to help you make this critical decision. I represent my clients by:

  • Working with you step-by-step through the bankruptcy process;
  • Using innovative technologies to ensure you have constant up-to-date status reports on your case;
  • Answering any questions and/or concerns in a timely manner; and,
  • Providing the emotional support needed to overcome the stress related to financial hardship and filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

I make every effort to accommodate my clients. I offer a very low retainer of $100 and can set up a flexible payment plan that works for you.

Typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcies

For the attorneys fees listed below, I will provide you with all of the legal services reasonably necessary to represent you in your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition. These services include communication with creditors, filing of all necessary documents to commence the Bankruptcy proceeding, and appearing with you at the Section 341 Creditors’ meeting in court. In addition to the attorney’s fees, you must pay the court filing fee of $335.00.

The Attorney’s fees for a typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

  • Filing within 30 days: $1,300.00.
  • Expedited filing within 2 weeks: $1,400.00.
  • Expedited filing within 5 days: $1,600.00.
  • Expedited filing within 48 hours: $2,500.00.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

The Attorney’s fees for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are $4,000.00. There is also a separate Court filing fee of $310.00. I am flexible on method of payment for Chapter 13 Bankruptcies and can have as low as $1,000.00 down with the remaining amount paid through your Plan.

What Can’t Bankruptcy Do For You?

Bankruptcy CANNOT, in most cases:

  • Eliminate the rights of your secured creditors (i.e., home loan or auto loan, where the property serves as collateral for a loan)
  • Eliminate certain types of debts: child support, alimony, student loans, court restitution orders, criminal fines and almost all taxes
  • Protect co-signers who are not a party to the bankruptcy
  • Eliminate debts that arise after the filing of the bankruptcy petition.